Professional recording studio

RECORDING RATES for smaller projects.


(For full album recordings or mix, feel free to contact me to get a quote.)

All prices are excluding danish vat (25%)

Daily Block (7-8 hrs) - 1600dkr(215 Euros)

Week Block (6 days) - 11.500dkr (1555 Euros)

Mixing songs recorded elsewhere (per song) - 1600dkr(215 Euros)

Accommodation in adjacent house (per night for the entire band) - 300dkr (40 Euros)

All bookings include acces to

  • Control Room with Engineer
  • Live Room
  • All instruments in the studio
  • Microphone collection
  • Compressors and Equalizers etc.
  • Small kitchen and restroom facilities.


Live FOH


I do the occasional FOH job if the project is interesting or has some sort of creative value.

As in the studio i am mostly an analouge man, but can resort to digital as a last resort.

price on request.

S√łndergade 46, 6670 Holsted, Denmark

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