References - Christian Bonde


Since 2003 I have worked with hundreds of great bands. To mention a few of these names:


Studio Recordings or mix:

Surfact, Dawn of Demise, Bound By Law, Meridian, Michael Jessen (feat. Göran Edman & John Norum), Icon in Me(RUS), The Cleansing, Siamese Fighting Fish, Trusted Few, Compos Mentis, Crocell etc,


Assisting, editing or in other studios:

The Burning, Fear My Thoughts(DE), Powderhog, Destinity (DE. Etc..


AS Live FOH i have worked with:

Bound by Law, Michael Falch, Trusted Few, Volbeat, Johnny Madsen, Johan Olsen, Billy Cross etc.


Festival FOH:

Roskilde Festival, SPOT festival etc.

A little HIstory

It all started in 2003 where I rented the house the studio is now situated in. 
After a couple of years, i bought the place to install a full-scale recording studio. which i have been operating since.

As a musician I have recorded and released some albums too. Both as lead vocalist in a couple of bands but also vocals and instrumentation on my solo projects.